Sacred Feminine Ascension

Unveil The Goddess mysteries

Who is the oracle?

Her name is Anima Uraeus. An initiated name gifted by The Goddess, named after the Second Goddess Energy Stream. That Connects The Feminine Being To The Goddess Realm Of Wisdom and Sacred Sensual Mysteries

Born In Celtic England by the sea. She received a Masters’s Degree in Osteopathy. She has been initiated by The Goddess directly for the last 14 years and is connected to The Powerful Goddess Energy Streams. The Kundalini, the Anima Uraeus and The Great Goddess Energy.

She is the bridge. Translator & Voice of the Goddess Diety. She is The Oracle. Bringing forth her frequency and Hidden Mysteries of Sacred Sensuality & The Feminine Ascension Journey. 

At the moment, she is travelling the Middle East with her beloved Romeo (The Magi-Warrior), on the Goddess’s instructions. To bring forth to the temple, more of her hidden Teachings & Mysteries. Whilst Serving The Powerful Feminine In Order To Effect Great Love and Change Within Humanity.

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The temple of the goddess Mystery school

The Goddess Initiation Experience

Join the Elite Sisterhood of The Temple Of The Goddess Interdimentional Mystery School. Where The Goddess  Will Initiate You Into All 5 Realms Of Her Sacred Goddess Temple. Ancient Mysteries and Suppressed Otherwordly Truths  Revealed Only To The Initiated Few.  To Unleash Your True Feminine Power & Divine Capabilities.